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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 14/Nov/2011
Briefing Session for All Moderators and Rapporteurs
Location: Azurit

Introduction for ICIUM2011 Moderators and Rapporteurs

Wagner, Anita Katharina; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine E; Ross-Degnan, Dennis

01. Posters

Literature Review of Gender and Drugs in Eastern Mediterranean Region Index Medicus

Abd el-fatah, yomna mohamed; Abo-shadi, yomna tarek

Restricting the Availability of Anti-TB Medicines in the Private Market of Eastern Mediterranean Region Countries: A Call for Policy Intervention

Abdelhakim, Mohamed; Khalil, Khaled; Mirza, Zafar; Ramy, Nada; SEITA, Akihiro; Binshahna, Mohamed; Ismail, Mohamed

Medicines Use in Oman: Public Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices

Abdo-Rabbo, Ahmed; Al-ansari, Manal; Gunn, Brian Conroy; Suleiman, Batool Jaffer

Consultation and Dispensing Time at Primary Health Care Facilities in Oman

Abdo-Rabbo, Ahmed; Al-ansari, Manal; Gunn, Brian Conroy; Suleiman, Batool Jaffer; Al-Lawati, Hawraa

Self Medication in a Kerala District, India - Prevalence and Analysis

Abdul Razack, Habeeb Ibrahim; RS, Jegan

Does Antimicrobial Use Granger-Cause Community-Based Antimicrobial Resistance?

Abegunde, Dele Olawale; Holloway, Kathleen; Mathai, Elizabeth; Ondari, Clive

In Scaling Up Health Related MDGs, How Much More Will It Cost to Procure Essential Medicines for 49 Low-Income Countries?

Abegunde, Dele Olawale; Ondari, Clive; Holloway, Kathleen; Serhan, Fatima; Milami, Barbara; Roglic, Gojka; Ullrich, Andreas; Mantzouranis, Eva; Mendis, Shanthi

Universal Health Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement for Medicines in Countries

Abegunde, Dele Olawale; Onosode, Runo; Ondari, Clive

Parents’ and Caretakers’ Administration Practices and Formulation Preferences of Children’s Medicine in Tanzania

Adams, Lisa Virginia; Craig, Sienna R.; Mmbaga, Elia John; Naburi, Helga; Kisenge, Rodrick; Spielberg, Stephen P.

Availability and Rational Use of Essential Drugs in the PHC Facilities in Bangladesh: Are We on the Right Track?

Ahmed, Syed Masud; Islam, Shafayetul

Extension of market exclusivity and its impact on the accessibility to essential medicines, and drug expense in Thailand: Analysis of the effect of TRIPs-Plus proposal

Akaleephan, Chutima; Wibulpolprasert, Suwit; Sakulbumrungsil, Rungpetch; Luangruangrong, Paithip; Jitraknathee, Anchalee; Aeksaengsri, Achara; Udomaksorn, Siripa; Tangcha...

Pattern of Medicine Use Among In-Patients in a Tertiary Health Care Setting Using the WHO Prescribing Indicators

Akhideno, Ehizokhale Peter; Isah, Ambrose O

Data Disclosure: An Ongoing Process Towards Transparency

Al Rabayah, Abeer Ahmad

Unit Dose System – Implementation in a Secondary, Multispecialty Referral Hospital: Sohar Hospital, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman

Al shizawi, Mona Mohammed Ali

Quality of Dispensing in Outpatient Pharmacy at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital: Peer Review Audit

Al-Rashdi, Issa Sulaiman; Taqi, Aqeela; Al-Hashar, Amna; Hatrushi, Manal; Al-Zakwani, Ibrahim

Analysis of Clinical Pharmacists’ Interventions on Discharged Patients’ Prescription in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Oman

Al-Sharji, Nasra Khalfan; Al-Kindi, Maryam Zahran; Al-Zadjali, Badriya Ali

Caution! Look Alike, Sound Alike Medication

Al-Zadjali, Badriya Ali; Al-Ajmi, Samiya; Al-Siyabi, Khalid; Rauf, Shahida; Al-Zadjali, Khalid

Cost Impact of Purchasing Pharmaceuticals Jointly in the Public Health Sector in Jordan

Alabbadi, Ibrahim Ali

One-Year Assessment of Joint Pharmaceutical Procurement in the Jordanian Public Health Sector

Alabbadi, Ibrahim Ali; Qawwas, Abdelraouf; Jaafreh, Mahmoud; Abosamen, Taher; Saket, Maisa

Improvements in Access to Malaria Treatment in Tanzania Following Community, Retail Sector and Health Facility Interventions—A User Perspective

Alba, Sandra; Dillip, Angel; Mayumana, Iddy; Mshana, Christopher; Makemba, Ahmed; Alexander, Mathew; Obrist, Brigit; Schulze, Alexander; Lengeler, Christian

Consumer behavior toward counterfeit drugs: scale development in a developing country setting

Alfadl, Abubakr Abdelraouf; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham; Hassali, Mohamed Azmi

Magnitude of and Contributing Factors to Antibacterial Resistance in Ethiopia

Andualem T., TENAW; Mekonnen, Negussu; Daniel, Gabriel; Joshi, Mohan P.; Keene, Douglas; Lee, David

Generic Medicine Pricing Policies Evaluation in Indonesia and the Impact on Availability and Medicine Price in Private Sectors

Anggriani, Yusi; Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham; Suryawati, Sri; S Budiharto, Martuti; Akmal Shafie, Asrul

Assessing Local Manufacturing Capacity for Child-Specific Dosage Formulations: The Case of Ghana

Annan, Edith Asaabah; Gyansa- Lutterodt, Martha; Boateng, Kwesi Poku; Adu Asare, Brian; Koduah, Augustina

Household Access to and Use of Medicines in Ghana

ARHINFUL, Daniel Kojo; Andrews Annan, Edith; Gyansa-Lutterodt, Martha; Kusi, Anthony; Koduah, Augustina

Health Facility Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment in Ghana

ARHINFUL, Daniel Kojo; Annan, Edith Andrews; Gyansa-Lutterodt, Martha; Koduah, Augustina; Kusi, Anthony

Tackling Medicine Related Issues Affecting the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana

ARHINFUL, Daniel Kojo; Dodoo, Alexander; Ankrah, Daniel; Annan, Edith Andrews; Asare, Brian; Ofori-Adjei, David

Pharmaceutical Regulation in 12 Countries

Ashigbie, Paul Gamelie

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising for Pharmaceuticals in Jordan from a Gender Perspective

Ashour, Hadeel; Alabbadi, Ibrahim Ali

Pattern of Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) in Alexandria, Egypt

Assaad-Khalil, S.H.; Zaki, A.; Ibrahim, A.M.; El-Moughazi, A.M.; Khater, A.M.; El-Sa'ed, A.T.; Rashed, E.M.; Youssif, A.M.

Trends of Current Treatment and Outcomes of the Management of Type 2 Diabetic (T2DM) Patients in Egypt: Results from the International Diabetes Management Practices Study (IDMPS)

Assaad-Khalil, Samir Helmy; Zaki, Adel; Megallaa, Magdy Helmy


Athuraliya, Theresa Nimal; Robertson, Jane; Dharmaratne, Sisira

Antimalarial Prescribing and Dispensing Practices in Health Centres of Khartoum State, 2003–04

Atta A/Mannan, Abeer Abuzied; Malik, El Fatih Mohammed; Ali, Kamil Mergani

Effects of the 2005 Change in National Antimalarial Treatment Policy on Prescribing Practices in Two Referral Hospitals in Benin City, Nigeria


Safety and Tolerability Profile of Artemisinin-Based Antimalarial Combination Therapy (ACT) in Adult Nigerians


Evaluating Pharmacists’ Views, Knowledge, and Perception Regarding Generic Medicines in New Zealand

Babar, Zaheer-Ud-Din; Grover, Piyush; Stewart, Joanna; Hogg, Michele; Short, Leanne; Seo, Hee Gyung; Rew, Anne

WHO Good Governance for Medicines Programme: Innovative Approach to Curb Corruption in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Baghdadi-Sabeti, Guitelle; Ismail, Mohamed Ramzy

Survey on the Use of Medicines by Consumers in Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya

Bahri, Salmah; Lai, Sook Tze; Yap, Yee Woon; Ching, Min Wei; Ahmad Khidzar, Nadira; Kua, Jennifer

Survey on the Use of Medicines by Malaysian Consumers

Bahri, Salmah; Othman, Nour Hanah; Ahmad Hassali, Mohamed Azmi; Shafie, Asrul Akmal; Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham

Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration: Can It Improve Transparency, Disclosure

Bannenberg, WJ {Wilbert}; Saad, Samia; Kalume, Christine; Green, Carolyn; Innes, Claire; Walker, Saul; Forte, Gilles; Seiter, Andreas

Effects of an Intervention on the Use of Medicines in Herat Province of Afghanistan

Bapna, Jawahar Singh; Aaen, Inge-Lise; Hamedi, Saeed

Better Medicines for Children in India: A Project to Improve Access to Essential Medicines

Batmanabane, Gitanjali; Holloway, Kathleen Anne

Facilitating the Preparation of Essential Medicines List for Children in India: Lessons Learned

Batmanabane, Gitanjali; Holloway, Kathleen Anne

Pharmaceutical Policies Used by Private Health Insurance Companies in Saudi Arabia

Bawazir, Saleh Abdullah; AlHumaidan, Abdullah S.; Sasich, Larry; Alkudsi, Mohammed; Aljaser, Maher

Role of Free Provision on Household Expenditures for Medicines in Brazil

Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso; Barros, Aluísio J D; Camargo, Aline Lins; Hallal, Pedro C; Vandoros, Sotiris; Wagner, Anita; Ross-Degnan, Dennis

Use of Medicines with Unknown Fetal Risk among Pregnant Women from the Pelotas Birth Cohort 2004, Brazil

Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso; Camargo, Aline Lins; Dal Pizzol, Tatiane da Silva; Barros, Aluísio J D; Manitto, Alicia Matijasevich; Santos, Iná S

Medicine Prices and Availability in Southern Brazil

Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso; Helfer, Ana Paula; Camargo, Aline Lins; Tavares, Noemia U L; Kanavos, Panos


Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso; Tavares, Noemia U L; Hallal, Pedro C; Araújo, Cora Luiza; Menezes, Ana M B

Balancing Gender-Based Inequities to Improve Access and Uptake of TB Treatment

Bhanbhro, Sadique; Wassan, Rafiq; Shah, Sayed Sada

A conceptual framework for a system-wide definition of access to medicines

Bigdeli, Maryam; Laing, Richard O; Ghaffar, Abdul

Bibliometric Study of Publication Patterns in Access to Medicines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Bigdeli, Maryam; Ahmad, Saad; Adam, Taghreed

Prescribing Pattern of Antibiotics in Health Facilities in Baghdad, Iraq

Bisalinkumi, Ezechiel; Wais, Abdul Rasoul; Yunis, Manal M.

Gender Inequalities in Medicine Expenditure and Family Budget Allocated to Medicines in a Southern Brazilian City: Population-Based Study

Boing, Alexandra Crispim; Peres, Karen Glaser; Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso

Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients, Egypt Experience

Boktor, Magdy Fawzy; Michael, Sherry Victor; Morsy, Alaa Mokhtar

Improving Adherence and Clinic Attendance Among Patients on Antiretroviral Treatment in Kenya: A System Level Intervention

Boruett, Patrick Kibiwott; Njogo, Susan; Kagai, Dorine; Nguhiu, Peter; Gitau, Liliian; Awuor, Christine; Chalker, John; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Tomson, Goran; Wahlstrom, Rolf

An Audit of Case Management of Common Childhood Illnesses in Hospitals in Ghana

Brantuo, Mary Nana Ama; Bannerman, Cynthia; Sagoe-Moses, Isabella; Gyansa-Lutterodt, Martha; Andrews-Annan, Edith

Study on National Essential Medicines Lists from 8 Countries of the Western African Economic and Monetary Union

Bruneton, Carinne

The Impact of the 2008 Economic Recession on the Pharmaceutical Sector in the Baltic Countries

Buenaventura, Joel Hernandez; Laing, Richard Ogilvie; de Joncheere, Kees; Edelisa, Carandang

Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment: Methodological Challenges for Different Contexts

Campos, Monica Rodrigues; Emmerick, Isabel; Luiza, Vera Lúcia

Gender and Medicines In HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review

Carapinha, Joao; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine; Wagner, Anita

Evaluation of a Continuing Medical Education Program for Primary Care Services in the Hypoglycemic Agent’s Prescription in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Castro-Ríos, Angelica; Reyes-Morales, Hortensia; Perez-Cuevas, Ricardo

School-Based Education Program Can Favorably Impact National Public Health Budget

Cebotarenco, Natalia; Bush, Patricia; Aivazyan, Anaida; Shetinina, Svetlana

Community Learns Appropriate Antibiotic Use Through Kindergarten Performances

Cebotarenco, Natalia; Bush, Patricia; Grigorchuk, Vera; Aivazyan, Anaida; Shetinina, Svetlana


Cebotarenco, Natalia; Kurian, Manoj; Cetulean, Maria; Alexandru, Sofia

East African Health Budgets 2010/2011: An Analysis on Financing for Essential Medicines

Cepuch, Christina Anna; Maina, Thomas

Monitoring Medicine Prices and Availability in Kenya Using WHO/HAI Methodology 2009–2010

Cepuch, Christina Anna; Mbindyo, Regina; Siyoi, Fred Moin; Mucheru, Njeri; Wakori, Joanne

Piloting the Developement of a Cost-Effective, Evidence-Informed Clinical Pathway: Managing Hypertension in Jordanian Primary Care

Chalkidou, Kalipso; Lord, Joanne; Obeidat, Nour; Alabbadi, Ibrahim; Stanley, Adrian; Bader, Rania; Momani, Ayman; O’Mahony, Rachel; Qatami, Lara; Cutler, Derek

Influence of Mefloquine Malaria Prophylaxis on HIV Disease Progression: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

Chalwe, Victor

Effectiveness of an Antibiotic Policy in Containing Antibiotic Use at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Vellore, South India

Chandy, Sujith John; Thomas, Kurien; Charles, Reni; Jeyaseelan, L; Lundborg, Cecilia Stalsby

Practice of Community Pharmacists Dispensing Emergency Contraceptive Pills in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chinwong, Surarong; Akemanee, Napatsawan; Pothakieng, Piyanan; Lertwanich, Pimploy

The Practice of Community Pharmacists on Emergency Contraceptive Pills Dispensing in a Contraindicated Situation

Chinwong, Surarong; Akemanee, Napatsawan; Pothakieng, Piyanan; Lertwanich, Pimploy

Medication Errors of Intravenous Medication in Teaching Hospital in China

Chu, Yanqi; Wang, Yuqin; Yan, Suying

Baseline Assessment of Pharmaceutical Situation in Southern African Development Community

Cinnella, Enrico; Forte, Gilles; Desta, Abayneh; Laing, Richard

Priority Policy Research Questions in the Area of Access to Medicines in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, and Gabon


Improved Safety Monitoring of Second Generation Antipsychotics Following a Rational Prescribing Intervention

Coetzee, Renier; Lancaster, Ruth; Riddin, Jane; Munsamy, Janine; Njuguna, Christine; Patterson, Betty; Willows, Sandi

Adherence to Artemisinin Combination Therapies (ACTs) Purchased in the Informal Private Sector: Evidence from Soroti District, Eastern Uganda

Cohen, Jessica; Yavuz, Elif; Morris, Alexandra; Arkedis, Jean; Sabot, Oliver

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A System-Based Three-Pronged Strategy to Combat Substandard and Counterfeit Medicines in Low-Resource Countries

Coignez, Veerle

Characteristics of Medicines Found in the Households of the District of Chimbote – Ancash (Peru), December 2007

Cruzado, Raul

Drugs for Anemia

Dabade, Gopal

Establishing a Nationally Consistent Approach to Implementing the Principles of Good Prescribing in Health Practitioner Education

Dartnell, Jonathan; Koo, Michelle; Weekes, Lynn

Impact of policy revision on harmonization and transparency of quality assurance criteria for anti-Tuberculosis medicines

Daviaud, Joëlle; Marroquín Lerga, Paloma; Perez Casas, Carmen; Logez, Sophie; Bauquerez, Rachel; Abdel Aziz, Mohamed; Thuy Huong, Ha

Rational Drug Use Policy in Turkey

Dedeoglu, Burcak Deniz; Celik, Hatice Demet; Akbulat, Akif; Akar, Halil; Kerman, Saim

Developing Superior Screening Technology for Monitoring Medicine Quality in Low-Resource Countries

Desai, Darash; Lukulay, Patrick; Coignez, Veerle; Zaman, Muhammad

Antibiotic Prescription by Informal Health Providers in Ujjain District, India

Diwan, Vishal; Abdel Aziz, Maysa Mohammed; Sabde, Yogesh; Marrone, Gaetano; Tamhankar, AJ; Stalsby Lundborg, Cecilia

Antibiotic Surveillance in Intensive Care Unit: Quality Assurance of Antibiotic Usage

Djanun, Zunilda; Sedono, Rudyanto; Saharman, Yulia Rosa; Wahyuningrum, Bekti

Impact of Implementing Antibiotic Sales Restrictions: Reactions of Key Stakeholders and Citizens in Mexico

Dreser-Mansilla, Anahi; Wirtz, Veronika J.; Vazquez-Velez, Edna; Ibañez-Cuevas, Midiam; Treviño-Siller, Sandra

Government, Civil Society, and WHO Partnership: a Catalyst for Better Access to Medicines In Countries

Druce, Nel; Forte, Gilles; Mubangizi, Patrick; Saunders, Philippa; Tata, Helen; Trapsida, Jean-Marie; Walker, Saul

Anecdotal Evidence for Ways in which the Originator Pharmaceutical Industry Has Contributed to Improving the Appropriateness of Medicine Use in Low-Income Countries through Product and Packaging Adaptations

Edwards, Suzanne Elizabeth; Westerbos, Frans

Medication Adherence: Comparative Study between Institutionalized and Community-Dwelling Elderly

El Kady, Heba Mahmoud; Abdel Wahab, Moataza M.; Moustafa, Noha S.

A Comparison of Generic and Originator Brand Drug Prices between Jordan and the United Kingdom

El-Dahiyat, Faris; Kayyali, Reem; Alabbadi, Ibrahim Ali


EL-Ghazouly, Karim Maged; El-Sawaf, Tarek Gamal; Daebis, Nehal Mohamed Magdy

Implementing an Egyptian Pharmacovigilance System: University and Public Hospitals’ Experience

El-Said, Sawsan Aboul-fotouh; Saad, Amr; Hassan, Ahmed Noureldin; Hamza, May; Abdel-tawab, Ahmed Mohyeldin

Assessment of the Effectiveness and Safety of Outpatient Treatment of Severe Pneumonia Among Egyptian Children with Oral Amoxicillin

El-Sayed, Hesham Ahmed Fathey Mohamed; Arora, Narendra; El-Gohary, Ahmed


elkazaz, hager abd elkhalek

Access to Medicines For Treating Acute Condition in Three Low- Income Countries In Central America

Emmerick, Isabel Cristina Martins; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Luiza, Vera Lucia; Camacho, Luiz Antonio Bastos

Impact of the 30-Baht Scheme on Access to and Use of Medicines in Thailand: A Policy Evaluation Using Market Share Data

Faden, Laura; Stephens, Peter; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Wagner, Anita

Pharmaceutical Situation Assessment: Level II Health Facilities Survey in Syria

Faroun, Hazar

Analysis of medicines dispensed by court order in the court of Rio de Janeiro: the application of scientific evidence in decision-making process.

Figueiredo, Tatiana Aragão; Pepe, Vera Lucia Edais; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa

Investigating Medicine Supply as a Rate Limiting Step in the Scale-Up of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Fyzoo, Fathima; Misra, Nirupa

Assessment of Generic Antimicrobial Unit Retail Price Mark-Ups Applied in Public Hospitals in Rwanda


Analysis of NMP Documents of the Region of the Americas

Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia; Esher, Angela; Silva Miranda, Elaine; Pimenta de Souza, Paula; Figueira Freitas, Letícia; Marín, Nelly

Pharmaceutical Services for Uncomplicated Malaria by P. vivax and P. falciparum in High-Risk Municipalities of the Brazilian Amazon: Organization of Services, Prescribing, Dispensing, and Adherence to Treatment

Garcia Serpa Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia; Rodrigues Campos, Monica; Silva Miranda, Elaine; Suárez-Mútis, Martha Cecília; Figueira Freitas, Letícia; Pimenta de Souza, Paula

Intensive Hospital-Based Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring Studies on 5482 Patients of Kashmiri Origin in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Geer, Mohammad Ishaq; Shah, Mohammad Yasin; Koul, Parvaiz Ahmad; Tanki, Shafiqa Aslam

Effect of IEC Intervention on Awareness about Rational Pharmacy Practice in Pharmacy Students

Gharpure, Kunda Jayant; Thawani, Vijay; Sontakke, Smita; Chaudhari, Kiran; Bankar, Mangesh; Diwe, Rajendra

Antibiotics with Facilitated Referral to a Rural Health Center Using Zambian Trained Traditional Birth Attendants as a Strategy for Reducing Neonatal Mortality

Gill, Christopher J.; MacLeod, William B; Guerina, Nicholas G.; Mirochnick, Mark; Mazimba, Arthur; Knapp, Anna; Hamer, Davidson H.

Routine Assessment of Patients’ Attendance and Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment In Kenya – Providers’ Views on Usefulness to Improve Performance

Gitau, Lilian Nyambura; Njogo, Susan; Kagai, Dorine; Nguhiu, Peter; Boruett, Patrick; Awuor, Christine; Chalker, John; Tomson, Göran; Wahlström, Rolf

Care Needed When Comparing IMS and Administrative Databases in Cross National Comparative Studies?

Godman, Brian Barr; Garuoliene, Kristina; Gulbinovic, Jolanta

Trends in Pricing Policy of Generics: Global Implications

Godman, Brian Barr; Wettermark, Bjorn; Garuoliene, Kristina; Tulunay, F Cankat; Tilson, Lesley

Intensity of Individual Reforms Results in Considerable Differences in Subsequent Utilisation; Implications for Countries When Contemplating Future Initiatives

Godman, Brian Barr; Wettermark, Bjorn; Gustafsson, Lars

Intensity of Reforms Resulting in Considerable Differences in Generic Utilisation across Europe; Implications for Others

Godman, Brian Barr; Wettermark, Bjorn; Laius, Ott; Zara, Corrine; Gustafsson, Lars

Risk-Sharing Arrangements—Opportunity or Threat to Fund New Medicines?

Godman, Brian Barr; Adamski, Jakub; Kalaba, Marija; Gustafsson, Lars

Care Needed When Introducing Generic Policies to Reduce Costs: Experiences From Abu Dhabi

Godman, Brian Barr; Abuelkhair, Mohammed; Fahmy, Sahar; Abdu, Shajahan; Gustafsson, Lars L

Challenges When Introducing Generic Policies to Enhance Their Utilisation: Impact and Next Steps

Godman, Brian Barr; Abuelkhair, Mohammed; Fahmy, Sahar; Abdu, Shajahan; Gustafsson, Lars L

Antibiotic Knowledge and Self-Care for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Mexico

Gonzales, Ralph; López-Caudana, Alma; González, Tulia; Jayanthan, Janaki; Corbett, Kitty; Reyes-Morales, Hortensia

Implementing a Self-Assessment and Continuous Quality Improvement Approach to Improve Hospital Infection Control Practices in Africa and Latin America

Goredema, Wonder; Ntengu, Mupela; Briggs, Jane; Ntege, Chris; Green, Terry; Sekgothe, Jacqueline; Gordon, Christine; Dlamini, Thabsile; Palma de Ruiz, Silvia; Sallet...

Modelling the Potential for Market Impact and Supply Security Risks: Focus on Donations with Applications for Differential Pricing

Grace, Cheri L; Gehl Sampath, Padmashree

Value for Money Perspective on Global Health Initiative Market-Shaping Impact

Grace, Cheri L; Saul, Walker

Overview of Systematic Reviews on Pharmaceutical Policy and Their Relevance to Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Gray, Andy; Suleman, Fatima

Development and Application of Selected Indicators to Investigate Antimicrobial Use in Hospitals

Green, Terry L.; Joshi, Mohan P.; Noorzaee, Aisha; Siddiqui, Zahir; Omari, Zafar

Development of a Tool for Simple Visualisation of Periods of ARV Therapy Availability in a Context of Expanding Treatment Coverage

Guillard, Etienne; Paris, Xavier; Ouvrard, Sophie; Diallo, Mouslihou; Pizarro, Louis

Introducing a Revised Model for Pricing and Reimbursement of Medicines in Macedonia

Gulija, Marija; Buble, Tonci; Milevska-Kostova, Neda

Prophylactic Use of Antimicrobials During Surgery

Gunn, Brian Conroy; Abdo-Rabbo, Ahmed; Suleiman, Batool Jaffer; Ali, Syed Asrar

Importance of Monitoring Patients on Atypical Antipsychotics

Gunn, Brian Conroy; Al-Lawati, Hawraa; Abdo-Rabbo, Ahmed; Suleiman, Batool Jaffer; Al-ansari, Manal

Using Defined Daily Doses, Pivot Tables, and Charts as a means of Measuring Medicine Utilisation Trends

Gunn, Brian Conroy; Suleiman, Batool Jaffer

Reasons for Rejection of Medications by Patients in Oman

Gunn, Brian Conroy; Wayyse, Abdul Rasoul; Suleiman, Batool Jaffer

Impact of Community Education Programme on Safe Use Oo Medicines in Two States of India

Gupta, Usha Gupta; Agnimitra, Neera; Sharma, Sangeeta; Tondon, Dayanand; Parameswar, Ranjitha

A Prospective Study of Prevalence, Severity and Preventability of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Positive Patients

Gurumurthy, Parthasarathi; Devaraj, Sumathi; Harugeri, Anand; Ramesh, Madhan; Shivaswamy, Rajendra Prasad; Shariff, Atiqulla

Integrating Pharmacovigilance in Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme of India: A Pilot Study

Gurumurthy, Parthasarathi; Harapanahalli, Niveditha; Harugeri, Anand; Ramesh, Madhan

Containing Health Care Costs in Ghana: Role of Evidence-Based Selection of Medicines

Gyansa-Lutterodt, Martha; Andrews Annan, Edith; Koduah, Augustina; Adu Asare, Brian; Ofei, Francis

Empathic Caring Consultation (ECC): Will It Be Able to Reduce the Unnecessary Use of Analgesics?

Hadiyono, Johana E. P.

Characteristics and Outcomes of Public Campaigns with the Aim to Improve Outpatient Antibiotic Use in High Income Countries

Harbarth, Stephan; Goossens, Herman; Verheij, Theo; Huttner, Benedikt


Hartayu, Titien Siwi; Rustamaji, Aji; Prasidayani, Nurita; Suryawati, Sri

Assessment of Pharmaceutical Situation in Suriname

Hasrat, John; Azeredo, Thiago Botelho; Luiza, Vera Lucia; Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Ritoe, Primnath; Naarendorp, Miriam

Public Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Antibiotic Usage: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Survey in the State of Penang, Malaysia

Hassali, Mohamed Azmi; Shafie, Asrul Akmal; Awaisu, Ahmed; AL-Haddad, Mahmoud Sadi; Masood, Imran; Saleem, Fahad; Al-Qazaz, Harith

People Living with HIV/AIDS : Role of Community Pharmacist

Hegab, Nahla Maher; Ahmed, Ahmed Ali

Affordability of Medicines for Treating Chronic Diseases in Southern Brazil

Helfer, Ana Paula; Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso; Camargo, Aline Lins; Tavares, Noemia U L

Up-to-Date, Evidence-Based Advice for Busy Clinicians

Hemming, Mary

Taking Stock: Provider Prescribing Practices in the Presence and Absence of ACT Stock

Hensen, Bernadette; Smith Paintain, Lucy; Shretta, Rima; Bruce, Jane; Hyde, Alexandra; Jones, Caroline; Webster, Jayne

Reimbursement Price, Market Structure, and Pharmaceutical Firm Behavior in Korea

Heo, Jaeheon; Kwon, Soonman

CBIA-Pregnancy to Improve Skills of Pregnant Mothers in Selecting OTC Common Cold Preparations

Hidayati, Sri; Hartayu, Titien Siwi; Munawaroh, Siti; Suryawati, Sri

The Use of Medicines and Standard Treatment Guidelines in Rural Timor-Leste

Higuchi, Michiyo; Okumura, Junko; Aoyama, Asuko; Suryawati, Sri; Porter, John

Access to and Use of Medicines in Barbados: Evidence from a Household Survey

Hinds, Maryam; Ivama, Adriana M.; Mulder, Carol; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine E.

Pharmaceutical Situation in Barbados: WHO Level II Health Facilities Survey, 2010

Hinds, Maryam; Yearwood, Cheryl Ann; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Nunes, Jenifer; Vivas, Gabriel

Antibiotics and Pediatric Acute Respiratory Infections in Rural Vietnam: Health Care Providers’ Knowledge, Practical Competence, and Reported Practice

Hoa, Nguyen Quynh; Larsson, Mattias; Nguyen, Chuc Thi Kim; Eriksson, Bo; Trung, Nguyen Vu; Stalsby Lundborg, Cecilia

How Sustainable is the EU Regulatory Network in the Context of the Uptake of New Medicines?

Hoebert, Joëlle; Mantel-Teewisse, Aukje; van Dijk, Liset; Leufkens, Hubert

Do European Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Have Equal Access to Treatment with New Medicines?

Hoebert, Joelle M.; Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje K.; van Dijk, Liset; Bijlsma, Johannes J.W.; Leufkens, Hubert G.M.

Do Countries with Pharmaceutical Policies Have Better Medicines Use Than Those without?

Holloway, Kathleen Anne

Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance in Resource-Constrained Community Settings

Holloway, Kathleen Anne; Mathai, Elisabeth; Gray, Andy

Health Systems Approach to Improving the Use of Medicines in the S.E. Asian Region (SEAR)

Holloway, Kathleen Anne; Weerasuriya, Krisantha; Abayawardana, Chinta; Ahmed, Selina; Rahman, J.M.Faridur

Development and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Drug List for Rural Health Insurance Program in Iran

Hosseini, Seyed Ali Reza; Tehrani Banihashemi, Arash; Darbooy, Shadan

Prescribing Pattern of Physicians in Rural Health Insurance Program in Primary Health Care Facilities in Iran

Hosseini, Seyed Ali Reza; Tehrani Banihashemi, Arash; Darbooy, Shadan

The Evolution of Taiwan National Health Insurance Drug Policy—Review and Analysis

Hsu, Chih-Sheng; Jiang, Shan

A Blended e-Learning Course—“Management of Medicines in International Health”—Contributes to Knowledge Transfer and Improving Medicines Use

Huss, Reinhard; Stobbelaar, Frans; Summers, Rob; Wiedenmayer, Karin Anne

Assessment of Drug Utilization Patterns in Some Health Insurance Outpatient Clinics in Alexandria

Ibrahem, Samaa Zenhom

Caribbean Network on Pharmaceutical Education

Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Brown-Myrie, Eugenie; Extavour, Rian; Panday, Sureshwar; Maharaj, Sandeep; Proverbs, Lesia; Davis, Evelyn; Hogg, Bridget; Campbell-Shelly...

Pharmaceutical Situation in the Caribbean as Background for Policy Development

Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Cinnella, Enrico; Carandang, Edelise; Marin, Nelly; Fitzgerald, James; Rerat, Christophe

Partnership on Pharmaceutical Policies in the Caribbean: 2006-2009

Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Forte, Gilles; Cinnella, Enrico; Fitzgerald, James; Marin, Nelly; Castro, Jose Luis; Giron, Nora; Parisi, Jose Maria; Sbih, Malek; Vidal...

Proposal for a Baseline Assessment for the Caribbean Pharmaceutical Policy

Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Marin, Nelly; Luiza, Vera Lucia; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine; Hinds, Maryam; Thomas-Osborne, Princess; Naarendorp, Miriam; Hasrat, John; Cinnella...

Development of the Caribbean Pharmaceutical Policy

Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Naarendorp, Miriam; Thomas-Osborne, Princess; Hinds, Maryam; Cargill, Lucette; Aching, Richard; Burnett, Francis; Cummings, Rudolph; Spence...

Drugs Identification and Interaction Checker to reduce Tuberculosis (TB) Drug Compliance and Improve Treatment Adherence

Jara, Antonio J.; Rosas-Valera, Madeleine de; Alsaedy, Mona; Zamora, Miguel; G. Skarmeta, Antonio

The rational use and access to medicines by the citizens: The Greek experience

Jelastopulu, Eleni; Karnaki, Pania; Theodorou, Mamas; Sissouras, Aris

Attitudes, Beliefs, and Prescription Habits of Greek Physicians Regarding Generic Drugs

Jelastopulu, Eleni; Mantzouranis, Georgios; Androutsopoulou, Christina; Lentzas, Ioannis; Lianas, Dimitris; Sampazioti, Charalambia; Kontou, Zoi; Tsantoula, Zafiro; Tsiro...

Provincial Essential Medicine List Comparison among 12 Provinces in China

Jiang, Bin; Wagner, Anita; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Shi, Luwen

Indicator-Based Survey Tool to Determine the Use of Antimicrobials and Knowledge about Drug Resistance in the Community

Joshi, Mohan P.; Hyslop, Ani; Ochoa, Luis; Cox, Adrienne; Konduri, Niranjan; Nkombo, Nchimunya; Hazemba, Oliver

The Effect of Community-Based Support Services on Clinical Efficacy and Health-Related Quality of Life in HIV/AIDS Patients in Resource-Limited Settings in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kabore, Inoussa; Etheredge, Gina

Implementation of a Policy for Monitoring Prescribing Practices in Public Health Care Outlets in Nepal

Kafle, Kumud Kumar; Shrestha, Naveen; Karkee, Shib Bahadur; Bhuju, Gajendra Bahadur; Prasad, Radha Raman; Das, Prabhakar Lal; Chataut, Bhuwaneshwori Datta; Shrestha...


Kandil, Nahla; Abu Sheasha, Ghada; Khalef, Abd El Naser; Labouta, Ibrahim


Kandil, Nahla; Hall, Maurice; Labouta, Ibrahim

Outcomes of pharmaceutical care in schizophrenic patients

KANJANASILP, JUNTIP; Ployleumsang, Chanuttha

Policies to Increase Use of Generic Medicines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Literature Review of Implementation Research

Kaplan, Warren; Wirtz, Veronika; Ritz, Lindsay; Vitello, Marie

Exploring the Development, Design, and Implementation of a Pharmacotherapy Knowledge Center – A Qualitative Study

Kardakis, Therese; Tomson, Göran; Wettermark, Björn; Bastholm Rahmner, Pia

The Effectiveness of Therapeutics Committees (TCs) in Addressing Key Public Health Problems

Katongo, Mary; Sumbi, Victor; Pereko, Dawn; Wambugu, Dr Maina

Decongesting Public Health Facilities is Associated with Better Clinical Outcomes Among Patients Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda

Kayiwa, Joshua; Obua, Celestino; Degnan, Dennis Ross; Chalker, John; Waako, Paul; Balidawa, Hudson; Tomson, Goran; Wahlström, Rolf

Transparency in the Armenian Pharmaceutical Sector

Kazaryan, Irina; Sevikyan, Anaid; Vardanyan, Lusine; Amirkhanyan, Anaid; Melikyan, Margarita

Country Comparison of MeTA Baseline Pharmaceutical Sector Scan Data

Kerstens, Birgit; Saad, Samia; Bannenberg, Wilbert

Country Comparison of Multi-Stakeholder Process Assessments in the MeTA Baseline

Kerstens, Birgit; Saad, Samia; Bannenberg, Wilbert

Patients’ Compliance and Adherence to 4-FDCs that are Provided by Global Drug Facility to 15 Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Khalil, Khaled

A survey on the quality of anthelminthic medicines in Cambodia

Khan, Mohiuddin Hussain; Okumura, Junko; Sovannarith, Tey; Nivanna, Nam; Akazawa, Manabu; Kimura, Kazuko

Priority Policy Research Agenda to Achieve Access and Rational Use of Medicines in Thailand

Kiatying-Angsulee, Niyada; Kessomboon, Nussaraporn; Maleewong, Usawadee; Kulsomboon, Vithaya; Limpananont, Jiraporn

Antibiotic Resistance Policy in Thailand: Role of Comprehensive Networking Campaign

Kiatying-Angsulee, Niyada; Sirisinsuk, Yupadee

Good Governance of Medicines System in Thailand: From Assessment to National Policy Agenda

Kiatying-Angsulee, Niyada; T.Chaisumritchoke, Suntharee; Amrumpai, Yaowalak

Drug System Monitoring and Development Project, Funded by Sin Tax, and the Roles in Promoting Rational Drug Use in Thailand

Kiatying-Augsulee, Niyada; Sirisinsuk, Yupadee

Using a Rapid Results Approach to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency and Increase Availability of Essential Medicines and Supplies

KIRIKA, Rosalind Wanjugu; Omondi, Jackson; Odondi, John; Wangai, Mary

Knowledges and Attitudes toward Emergency Contraceptive Pill among Thai Men in Bangkok and Its Utilization

Kittisopee, Tanattha; Jitlamun, Hathairat

Treatment Cost of Metastatic Colon Cancer in Turkey

Kockaya, Guvenc; Polat, Mine; Özet, Ahmet; Tanyeri, Pelin; Vural, İsmail Mert; Akbulat, Akif; Akar, Halil; Kerman, Saim

Off-Label and Non-Licensed Endocrinology Medicine Use in Turkey: A Retrospective Analysis of Computer Records in the Turkish Ministry of Health

Kockaya, Guvenc; Tanyeri, Pelin; Vural, İsmail Mert; Akbulat, Akif; Akar, Halil; Tokaç, Mahmut; Kerman, Saim

Is a Standard Kit an Effective Way to Optimise Use of Limited Resources and Increase Availability of Medicine? Experiences from Reintroducing Standard Kits in Resource-Poor Settings in Uganda

Konradsen, Dorthe; Jjemba, Pito; Nuwagaba, Timothy; Trap, Birna

Can the Indian Government Improve Access to Medicines Through Generic Drug Stores?

Kotwani, Anita

Trends in Antimicrobial Use Among Outpatients in New Delhi, India

Kotwani, Anita; Holloway, Kathleen

Impact of Standard Treatment Guidelines and Patient Education on Asthma Control and Knowledge in Asthmatic Patients: A Controlled Trial

Kotwani, Anita; Tayal, Vandana; Chhabra, S. K.

Factors Influencing Antibiotic Prescribing by Primary Care Doctors in Delhi, India: Qualitative Study

Kotwani, Anita; Wattal, Chand; Katewa, Shashi; Joshi, P. C.; Holloway, Kathleen

Irrational Prescribing Pattern for Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) in Indonesia

Kurniawan, Yulianto Santoso; Pudjiarto, Purnamawati; Kresnawati, Windhi

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions on Antimicrobial Resistance and Antibiotic Use Among Hospital Staff in Kenya

Kusemererwa, Donna Asiimwe; Meiburg, Anke

Human Resources for Health: Preservice Training of Pharmacy Students on Effective Management of Antiretroviral Therapy Commodities in Kenya

Kusu, Ndinda; Kolute, Richard; Gitau, Lilian; Ogolla, Julie; Onudi, Charles; Kimeu, Janet; Wangai, Mary; Muniu, Sarah

Strengthening Pharmacovigilance Systems: Experiences from Kenya

Kusu, Ndinda; Pandit, Jayesh; Muthuri, George; Kimeu, Janet; Kagai, Dorine; Gitau, Lilian; Wangai, Mary; Siyoi, Fred

International Comparison of Generic Medicine Prices

Kwon, Soonman; Heo, Jaeheon; Kim, Sujin; Jung, Youn


Labouta, Ibrahim; Fayed, Akram; Abu Shesha, Ghada; Mosly, Mohamed; Kandil, Nahla; Hassan, Abeer; Zaitoun, Muhammad

Reasons for Nonadherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among Adult Patients Receiving Free Treatment at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Delhi

Lal, Vivek; Kant, Shashi; Dewan, Richa; Rai, Sanjay K.

Cost of ARV Medicines in the Namibian Private Sector: Limitation to Increased Access

Lates, Jennie; Pereko, Dawn; Serfontein, Tiaan; Bindels, Els; Feeley, Frank; Afrikaner, Wessels

Prescribing Pattern of Psychotropic Substances in a Nigerian Neuropsychiatric Hospital

Lawal, Mohammed Saheed; Oreagba, Ibrahim; Awodele, Olufunsho; Olayemi, Sunday; Ismail, Ishola

Unbranded Advertising of Prescription Medicines–A Systematic Literature Review

Leonardo Alves, Teresa; Mintzes, Barbara; Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje K.; Leufkens, Hubert G.M.

Differences in External Price Referencing in Europe—A Descriptive Overview

Leopold, Christine; Vogler, Sabine; Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje; de Joncheere, Kees; Laing, Richard; Leufkens, Bert

How Much of the Price Variance of Medicines Can Be Explained by External Price Referencing?—A price Comparison among 15 European Countries

Leopold, Christine; Vogler, Sabine; Seyfang, Leonhard; Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje; de Joncheere, Kees; Leufkens, Bert; Laing, Richard

Improving Access to Medical Supplies in Emergency Settings by Preparing Humanitarian Responders with Online Medicine Supply Management Training

Levison, Libby; Onyango, Monica; Johnson, Leilani

Experience with the Global Fund’s revised Quality Assurance Policy for pharmaceutical products

Logez, Sophie; Daviaud, Joelle; Zweygarth, Monika; Perez Casas, Carmen; Ha, Thuy Huong

Spillover Effects of Prescribing Restrictions for Trastuzumab in Australia

Lu, Christine Y; Srasuebkul, Preeyaporn; Drew, Anna; Ward, Robyn; Pearson, Sallie-Anne

Remedies at Home: Evaluating an Innovative Medicines Provision Program

Luiza, Vera Lucia; Silva, Rondinelli Mendes; Esher, Angela; Avelar, Fernando; Matta, Samara Ramallho; Rocha, Rocha Claudia; Camuzi, Ranieri; Oliveira, Egléubia

A Risk-Based Cost-Effective Approach to Medicines Quality Monitoring in Resource-Limited Countries

Lukulay, Patrick; Coignez, Veerle

The Plague of Substandard Medicines in Developing Countries: Evidence for Policy Change

Luyckx, Christophe; Caudron, Jean-Michel; Ravinetto, Raffaella

2006 Medicare Part D Benefit: Evaluating a Major Expansion of Medicines Insurance for Vulnerable Americans

Madden, Jeanne Marie

Monitoring Medicine Prices with WHO/HAI Surveys: Upsides, Downsides, and Forward-Thinking Strategies

Madden, Jeanne Marie

Medicine Prices in Peru: Validation of the Sampling Approach Used in WHO/HAI Surveys

Madden, Jeanne Marie; Meza, Edson; Ewen, Margaret; Laing, Richard O.; Stephens, Peter; Ross-Degnan, Dennis

An Action Plan for the Selection of Essential Medicines

Magarinos-Torres, Rachel; Pepe, Vera Lucia Edais; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa

What Do Managers and Prescribers of the Brazilian Health System Think of Essential Medicines? Preliminary Results of a Nationwide Qualitative Study

Magarinos-Torres, Rachel; Pepe, Vera Lucia Edais; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa

Assessment of the Impact of Market Regulation in Mali on the Price of Essential Medicines Provided through the Private Sector


Pharmacovigilance Reporting in Kwazulu-Natal—Evaluation of a Solicited System of Reporting

Manickum, Viloshinie Krishna; Suleman, Fatima

Comparison of the National List of Essential Medicines (India) with the WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines and Essential Medicines for Children

Manikandan, S.; Batmanabane, Gitanjali

Selection of Essential Medicines

Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje Kaija; van den Ham, Rianne; Laing, Richard

Conflict of Interest Policies: Do Academic Medical Centers Make the Grade?

Manz, Christopher; Anderson, Timothy; Silverman, Gabriel; Coukell, Allan

Improving Access to Routine Medication from a Revolving Drug Fund for Chronic Patients in Rural Cambodia

MAO, Ngeav; VAN PELT, Maurits

Teaching Critical Appraisal of Medicinal Drug Promotion (CADP) in 3 Latin American Countries: A Network Initiative

Marchand, Benoit; Fuentes, Carlos; Cañás, Martín; Vacca, Claudia

Access to Medicines in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua: The Challenge of Adapting Methodologies

Marin, Nelly; Acuña, Cecilia; Mendoza, Adriana; Luiza, Vera; Isabel, Emmerick

Using Routine Information for Improving Rational Prescribing

Masoud, Abdullah; Zafar, Mohammad; Fahim, Mohammad; Ickx, Paul

Evaluating the Impact of a Public-Private Partnership for the National Introduction of a New Rotavirus Vaccine: Evidence from a Case-Control Study in Nicaragua (2006–2009)

Mast, T. Christopher; Espinoza, Felix; Palacio del Carmen, Leonel; Khawaja, Shazia; Cardellino, Anna; Sanchez, Edmundo

Assessing the Readiness of Pharmacy Outlets to Support Chronic Care: Results from a National Assessment in Kenya

Maundu, Josephine; Nguhiu, Peter; Ouma, Charles


Mayakul, Theeraya

Measuring Access to Essential Medicines in Kenya Using the Standardized WHO Level II Household Survey

MBINDYO, Regina M; SIYOI, Fred M; CEPUCH, Christa; MUCHERU, Njeri; WAKORI, Joan

Measuring Access to Essential Medicines in Kenya Using the Standardized WHO Level II Health Facility Assessment

MBINDYO, Regina M; SIYOI, Fred M; Mucheru, Njeri; Cepuch, Christa; Wakori, Joan

Availability of Paediatric Medicines and Factors Impacting Availability in Faith-Based Health Facilities in Chad

Meiburg, Anke; Kusemererwa, Donna Asiimwe


Memiah, Peter; Etiene, Martine; Stafford, Kristen; Karorero, Eva; Mulenga, Mwansa; Odhiambo, Francesca; Atukunda, Ruth; Agbor, Solomon; Wanyeki, Ian


Memiah, Peter; Etiene, Martine; Hossain, Mian; Stafford, Kristen; Niyang, Mercy; Mnjala, Patience; Amoroso, Anthony; Agbor, Solomon; Redfield, Robert

Risk of Anemia Associated with Zidovudine (AZT)-based HAART in Namibia

Mengistu, Assegid Tassew; Katjitae, Ishmael; Corbell, Catherine; Gaeseb, Johannes; Lates, Jennie; Sagwa, Evans; Mabirizi, David; Nwokike, Jude; Kalemeera, Francis; Sterga...

Pharmacoepidemiologic Study of Potential Drug Interactions in Hospital Inpatients

Mino, Dolores; Galván-Plata, Eugenia; Doubova, Svetlana Vladislavovna; Flores-Hernandez, Sergio; Reyes-Morales, Hortensia

Predictors of Switching Antiretroviral Regimen Among Clients Attending TASO Jinja, Uganda

Mirembe, Justine; Khanakwa, Sarah; Batwala, Vincent

Controlling Medicine Prices in Sudan: The Challenge of a Recently Established Medicines Regulatory Agency

Mohamed Ali, Gamal Khalafalla; Yagoub, Ahmed

Impact of Visualizing Performance in Improving Medicines Management in Public Health Sector Facilities in Uganda

Mohammed, Khalid; Nakiganda, Victoria; Konradsen, Dorthe; Semakula, Richard; Trap, Birna

Cost as a Barrier to Access: Availability, Affordability, and Identifying Component Cost of Essential Medicines

Mohammednur, Mohammedsied Nuru; Gedif, Teferi; Hailemariam, Damen

Newspaper Column for Consumer Education on Medicine Use—An Indian Columnist’s Experience

Mohanta, Guru Prasad

Monitoring the Safety of Medicines in Kyrgyzstan

Moldoisaeva, Saltanat; Zurdinov, Ashirali

Evaluation of Prescribing Pattern of Physicians in Various Health Care Facilities in Turkey with Respect to the Rational Use of Medicines Principles

Mollahaliloglu, Salih; Alkan, Ali; Ozgulcu, Senay; Donertas, Basak; Akici, Ahmet

Standardization of Prescribing and Using Oral Liquid Dosage Forms (OLDFs)

Movahed, Moslem

Draft South African Marketing Code—A New Model for Marketing Ethics

Narsai, Kirti

Impact of Regulatory Requirements on Medicine Access in African Countries: Perceptions and Experiences of Pharma Companies in South Africa

Narsai, Kirti

Regionalisation of Pharmacovigilance in Uganda

Ndagije, Helen Byomire; Nassali, Huldah; Bukenya, Victoria Nambasa; Tusubira, Evans Kato; Bonabana, Angela

Assessing the Extent of Pharmaceutical Care Provision in Kigali Community Pharmacies

Ndekwe, Morris; Rwabuhungu, M.Monique; Gaparayi, Patrick; Kadima, Ntokamunda

Medicine Prices, Availability, and Affordability in Vietnam

Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Knight, Rosemary; Mant, Andrea; Cao, Minh Quang; Auton, Martin

Transparency, Governance and Regional Collaboration in Pharmaceutical Procurement in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

Nkrumah, YK {Yvonne}; Bannenberg, WJ {Wilbert}; Schuermann, EM {Marianne}; Vreeke, AC {Ed}; Patel, VS {Tina}; Mhando, J {Joseph}; Tamale, JW {James}

Strenghtening Pharmacovigilance at the National Level: Development of an Indicator-Based Pharmacovigilance Assessment Tool to Assess Medicines Safety System at the Level of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Developing Countries

Nwokike, Jude; Adam, Caroline

Actions of the National Regulatory Authorities in Developing Countries Following US FDA and EMA Safety Alerts on Rosiglitazone

Nwokike, Jude; Stergachis, Andy

Plasma Drug Level Validation of Self-Reported Adherence Predicts Limited Specificity for Intrinsic Poor Adherence in Resource-Limited Settings

Obua, Celestino; Balikuddembe, Robert; Kayiwa, Joshua; Ntale, Muhammad; Musoke, David; Waako, Paul

Improving Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment in Uganda: Facility-Based Minimal-Input Intervention

Obua, Celestino; Kayiwa, Joshua; Waako, Paul; Tomson, Göran; Balidawa, Hudson; Chalker, John; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Wahlstrom, Rolf

Access to Medicines in Nigeria – Gender Perspective

Okafor, Ukamaka Gladys; Adedeji, Olanike

Medicine Use from Birth to Two Years of Age: The 2004 Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Study

Oliveira, Edilson Almeida; Domingues, Marlos Rodrigues; Santos, Iná S; Barros, Aluísio J D; Bertoldi, Andréa Dâmaso

Inappropriate Provision and Treatment of Malaria in Public and Private Sectors in Nigeria: Threat to Malaria Elimination Efforts

Onwujekwe, Obinna Emmanuel; Mangham, Lindsay; Cundhill, Bonnie; Ezeoke, Ogochukwu; Uzochukwu, Benjamin; Wiseman, Virginia

Improving Quality of Malaria Treatment Services: Assessing Inequities in Consumers' Perceptions and Providers’ Behaviour in Nigeria

Onwujekwe, Obinna Emmanuel; Obikeze, Eric; Uzochukwu, Benjamin; Okoronkwo, Ijeoma; Onwujekwe, Ogochukwu

Informal Payments for Health Care: Differences in Expenditures from Consumers and Providers Perspectives for Treatment of Malaria in Nigeria

Onwujekwe, Obinna Emmanuel; Dike, Nkem; Uzochukwu, Benjamin; Ezeoke, Ogochukwu

Monitoring and supervision as tool for improving drug supply management

Or, Oudam Roath; Chroeng, Sokhan; Mfuko, William

The Knowledge, Perceptions, and Practice of Pharmacovigilance among Community Pharmacists in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria

Oreagba, Ibrahim Adekunle; Ogunleye, Julius Olajide; Olayemi, Oluwafemi Sunday

Quality of Some Pharmaceutical Products Manufactured in Kenya

Orwa, Jennifer Akinyi; Keter, Lucia; Ouko, Sams; Rukunga, Geoffrey; Kibwage, Isaac

Implementation of Good Governance in Medicine (GGM) Programme in Malaysia to Strengthen Medicines Management

Othman, Nour Hanah; Abdul Rahman, Eisah; Mohd Din, Rosminah; Wan A. Kadir, Wan Norashikin; Rushdy, Mariam Bintarty

The Role of Malaysian National Medicines Policy (MNMP) in Improving Overall Use of Medicines

Othman, Nour Hanah; Hasan, Hasnizan; Nagalingam, Sarah; Woon May, Ong; Zolkopri, Nor Yati

Different Approaches for Delivery of Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT) to Pregnant Women in Burkina Faso

Ouédraogo, Alphonse

Encourage Appropriate Use of Pediatric Antiretrovirals With a Demonstration Kit in Pharmacies: Results 18 Months after Kit Was Made Available in 2 HIV/AIDS Pediatric Treatment Centers in Niamey, Niger

Ouvrard, Sophie; Idrissa Also, Mariama; Oumarou, Zalika; Guillard, Etienne

Are There Gender Differences in Access to Medicines In Africa? Results from 5 Sub-Saharan African Countries

Pande, Aakanksha; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine; LeCates, Robert; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Wagner, Anita

Comparative Analysis of the Medicines Financing System of 11 Countries Included in the Pilot of the “WHO Country Profiles” Project

Parsi, Pooya; Cinnella, Enrico; Mantel-Teeuwisse, Aukje; Laing, Richard; Forte, Gilles

Arogya Parivar: Commercial innovation to improve healthcare access at the bottom of the pyramid in rural India

Pasrija, Anuj

Adherence to Treatment Guidelines for Acute Diarrhoea in Children up to 12 Years in Ujjain, India

Pathak, Ashish; Pathak, Deepali; Marrone, Gaetano; Diwan, Vishal; Stålsby Lundborg, Cecilia

The Impact of Evidence-Based Subsidy Restrictions on Prescriber Behaviour and Patient Outcomes: A Case Study of Lapatinib for the Treatment of HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

Pearson, Sallie-Anne; Srasuebkul, Preeyaporn; Lu, Christine; Dobbins, Timothy; Ward, Robyn

Characterization of Lawsuits for the Supply of Essential Medicines in the State of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Pepe, Vera Lucia Edais; Ventura, Miriam; Sant'ana, João Maurício Brambati; Figueiredo, Tatiana Aragão; Souza, Vanessa dos Reis; Simas, Luciana; Osorio-de-Castro...

Cost Effectiveness of Simvastatin Compared with Atorvastatin for Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL-C) in Diabetes Patients with Dyslipidemia at a General Hospital, Northeast of Thailand


Digital authentication of pharmaceutical products

Picard, Justin

Successful Intervention to Improve the Pharmaceutical Services in a Region of Brazil

Pinheiro, Rafael Mota; Miranda, Karen; Saraiva, Fabiana; Araujo, Carolina; Borba, Simone; Cattini, Daniel; de Sousa, Naiguel; dos Santos, Nãna; Lopes, Inayan; Lucas...

Brazilian Courts as a Pathway to Medicines which Represent Pharmacotherapeutic Gaps

Provin, Mércia Pandolfo; Amaral, Rita Goreti

Impact of IT based Promotion of Rational Use of Medicine in Indonesia

Pujiarto, Purnamawati Sujud; Arifianto, Arifianto; Kurniawan, Yulianto Santoso; Kresnawati, Windhi

Compounding Polypharmacy Prescription in Indonesia

Pujiarto, Purnamawati Sujud; Arifianto, Arifianto; Sakinah, Farian; Kurniawan, Yulianto Santoso

Two-Year Experience of Antibiotics Smart Use Pilot Project in Saraburi, Thailand

Pumtong, Somying; Anuwong, Kunyada; Sumpradit, Nithima; Chongtrakul, Pisonthi

Measuring transparency in the public pharmaceutical sector. National Assessment for Costa Rica

Quesada-Morúa, Maria Soledad; Jiménez-Herrera, Luis Guillermo

New warnings for medicines labeling and packaging in Brazil

Rediguieri, Carolina Fracalossi; Freitas, Elizabete Regina Viana; Ramalho, Livia Santos; Rocha, Daniela Barros; Penido, Carolina Souza; Lisboa, Marisa Moraes

Piloting a Medical Injection Safety Assessment Protocol in Cameroon: Indirect Reuse Represents Risk of Blood-Borne Virus Transmission

Reid, Savanna Rose; Okwen, Mbah Patrick; Y, Ngem Bedes; Adolph, Fozao; Capo, Mireille

Health Care Payments in the Asia Pacific: Validation of Five Survey Measures of Economic Burden

Reiss, Sheila K.; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Soumerai, Stephen B.; Wagner, Anita K.

Improving good governance in Moroccan public pharmaceutical sector

Rhaouti, Mohamed Laghdaf

Preliminary Results of a Systematic Review of the Effectiveness and Costs of Strategies to Improve Health Care Provider Performance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Rowe, Samantha Y.; Rowe, Alexander K.; Peters, David H.; Holloway, Kathleen A.; Chalker, John; Ross-Degnan, Dennis

Essential Medicine Concept as a Core of Drug Policy: Impact on Costs, Availability of Quality Medicines, and Their Rational Use in Delhi (India)

Roy, Vandana; Gupta, Usha; Agarwal, Arun Kumar

The role of pharmaco-economics in the decision tasks to improve the quality of medical care in Kazakhstan Republic

Rustemova, Kulsara Rustembekovna; Tleukenov, Sadriten; Varnavskaya, Alfiya; Kozhageldiyeva, Laura; Kosherbayeva, Lyazzat

Assessing How Health Care Providers Use Nevirapine in Malawi

Rutta, Edmund R; Kamtengeni, Cynthia; Wang, Judy; Eliya, Michael

How the Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlet Program Has Influenced Medicine Access Policies in Tanzania?

Rutta, Edmund R; Sillo, Hiiti; Liana, Jafary; Johnson, Keith

MeTA Baseline Assessments: Experiences and Results

Saad, Samia; Bannenberg, Wilbert; Ross-Degnan, Dennis; Vialle-Valentin, Catherine; Wagner, Anita; Perkins, Nick; Hawkins, Kate; Stedman-Bryce, Gavin; Forte, Gilles; Walke...

Country Comparison of MeTA Baseline Data Disclosure Surveys

Saad, Samia; Kerstens, Birgit; Bannenberg, Wilbert

Mapping private sector pharmacies and their characteristics in Ujjain district, Central India.

Sabde, Yogesh Damodar; Diwan, Vishal; Saraf, Vivek; Mahadik, Vijay; De Costa, Ayesha


Sagwa, Evans Luvaha; Panganai, Dhliwayo; Mavhunga, Farai; Ruswa, Nunurai; Musasa, Jean Paul

Infectious Diseases, Antibiotic Use, and Antibiotic Resistance in Context of Environmental Changes: Study Among Community Members in Orissa, India

Sahoo, Krushna Chandra; Tamhankar, A. J.; Johansson, Eva; Lundborg, Cecilia Stålsby

Cost Plus Price Setting of Medicines

Saif, Amanullah

Relationship Between Tariffs, Prices, and Consumption of Interferon

Saif, Amanullah

Case Study of the Implementation of Good Governance for Medicines Programme in Mongolia

Sanjjav, Tsetsegmaa; Chimedsuren, Munkhdelger

Pharmaceutical Services and Essential Medicines: Considerations on Access to Medicines and Judicial Demands in Brazil

Sant'Ana, João Maurício Brambati; Pepe, Vera Lúcia Edais; Osorio de Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa; Ventura, Miriam Ventura

Factors Affecting Patients' Incomplete Understanding of Prescriptions

Saranza, Gerard Raimon Makinano; Sumalapao, Derick Erl Gonzales; Sia, Isidro

“A Healthy Box Project” for Improving Self-Administration of Medicines among the Pre-elderly and Elderly with Chronic Diseases: A Case Study in Horathep Subdistrict, Saraburi Province, Thailand

Seangdao, Prachuab; Singthern, Chonthicha; Somrongthong, Ratana

Evidence on Availability and Stock-Outs of Essential Medicines: A Study of Two Diverse Government Drug Procurement and Distribution Systems in India

Selvaraj, Sakthivel; Hasan, Habib

Access to Medicines in India: Setting Priorities in Policy Research Issues

Selvaraj, Sakthivel; hasan, Habib; Kumar, Preeti; Chokshi, Maulik

Use of Brief Educational Intervention and Academic Detailing to Improve Use of Antidotes for Acute Poisoned Patients in Rural Hospitals in Sri Lanka—A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

Senarathna, D Lalith Priyasantha; Dibley, Michael; Dawson, Andrew

Use of Antibiotics in the Alexandria Community Setting: Magnitude and Pattern

Serour, Sawsan Mahfouz; Gad, Zahira Metwally; El-Khordagui, Labiba Khalil

Prescribing Pattern and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin at a Tertiary Hospital in Oman

Shafiq, Samreen; Al Riyami, Dawood; Ali, Badreldin; Al Za’abi, Mohammad

Antibiotic Prescribing in a Teaching and a Non-Teaching Private, Non-Computerized, Tertiary Care Hospital in Ujjain District, India

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Policy for Rational Regulation and Quality Use of Natural Health Products in the Philippines

Sia, Isidro Cabuyao

Pharmaceutical Management Interventions through a Drug and Therapeutics Committee (DTC) in Kabul, Afghanistan: Initial Experience after Decades of Neglect

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Does Artemether-Lumefantrine Subsidy to Private Sector Improve Prompt Access to Antimalarials to Febrile Children in Rural Areas?

Simba, Daudi Omari; Kakoko, Deodatus

Comparative Evaluation of Quality of Some Generic Versus Branded Medicines Using Compendia Standard Tests In India

Singal, Girdhari Lal; Kotwani, Anita; Nanda, Arun

Teaching Rational Prescribing to Medical Undergraduates: Impact of the Introduction of a Specialized Module

Singh, Jatinder; Kaur, Inderpal; Grover, IPS; Rai, Jaswant

Prophylactic antimicrobials: Triumph over cancer chemotherapy complications?

Singh, Jyotika; Badyal, Dinesh K; John, M Joseph

Development and Current Status of the National Good Governance for Medicines Initiative in Macedonia

Slaveska Raichki, Renata; Kuli, Arta

Where There Are No Pharmacists

Snell, Beverley Frances; Andersson, Sarah Ruth; Balasubramaniam, Kumariah

Management Information System in Promoting Rational Drug Use in Iran

Soleymani, Fatemeh; FAYAZ-BAKHSH, Ahmad

Awarness and Adherence to Methicillin-Resistant S. Aureus Guidelines, as per WHO, at Alexandria University Hospitals

Soliman, G.S.; Abu-Youssef, R.M.; Saleib, B.F.; El-Moughazi, A.M.; Zaki, A.

Interventional Study on Self Medication in Commonly Occurring Illnesses in Nonmedical Staff of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

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Field Testing WHO’s Rational Use of Medicines Rapid Assessment Tool in Grahamstown, South Africa

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Evaluation of Prices and Availability of Essential Medicines in Grahamstown, South Africa

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Application of an ABC Analysis in the Prevention of Antimicrobial Resistance in Tuberculosis Treatment

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Application of the Antacid {A02} ATC Review to Achieve Formulary Cost Efficiencies

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Improving Access to Oncology Treatments in a Resource-Constrained Setting Using Pharmacoeconomic Analysis

Steel, Gavin; Ruff, Paul; Dreosti, Lydia

Monitoring Antimicrobial Resistance Trends: How the Private Sector Can Contribute to Improved Understanding of Global Trends in Antimicrobial Resistance

Straus, Walter Lee

Improving Access to ART Services in Namibia through Decentralization

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Non-Uptake of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) at a Primary Care Antiretroviral (ARV) Clinic in South Africa

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Comparison of the Public Procurement Prices of Essential Medicines in China with Other Western Pacific Developing Countries and Its Implication


Antibiotic Policy, Antibiotic Consumption, and Antibiotic Resistance: Situation of Hospitals Participating in the National Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Thailand Program

Suttajit, Siritree; Srisupharangkul, Jutharat; Boonsan, Naruemon; Udomsri, Bulan; Dejsirilert, Surang

Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management in Thailand

Suwankesawong, Wimon

Use of Thai Vigibase to Assess the Safety of Antituberculosis Drugs for Thai Patients: Application from Thai Vigibase

Suwankesawong, Wimon

A study of pricing and availability of Children’s medicine in Orissa state

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Outcome of the Live ETV Education on Rational Use of Medicines

Tadege, TENAW Andualem; W Aregay, Mengistab; Birhanu, Habtamu

Pharmaceutical Workforce for Access to and Use of Medicines in Countries: Estimate Gaps and Identify Relevant Strategies for Human Resources Development

Tata, Helen Lega; Wuliji, Tana; Cinnella, Enrico; Gilles, Forte

Drug Approvals and Medicine Pricing In India

Taur, Santosh Ramesh; Gogtay, Nithya Jaideep; Chandan, Sheetal Vitthalrao; Thatte, Urmila Mukund

How GGM program enhanced National drug policy, Thailand experience.

Tharathep, Chanvit

Factors Influencing Prescribing Behaviour of Physicians in Greece and Cyprus

Theodorou, Mamas; Tsiantou, Vasiliki; Maniadakis, Nikolaos; Kaitelidou, Daphne; Fragoulakis, Vasilios; Pavi, Elpida; Kyriopoulos, John

Assessment of Pharmaceutical Situation in Jamaica

Thomas-Osborne, Princess; Lewis-Graham, Cyntia; Ivama, Adriana Mitsue; Lucia Luiza, Vera; Souza, Paula Pimenta; Dennis, Andre

Adherence to Antiretroviral Medicines Not Emphasized in Global Fund Grants

Tisocki, Klara; Ball, Douglas; Esselink, Maaike; Radyowijati, Aryanti; Haak, Hilbrand

Effectiveness of Pharmacist Home Health Care for Type 2 Diabetes in Bangkok Metropolitan: A Community Based Study

Tunpichart, Sirirat; Somrongthong, Ratana; Sakulbumrungsil, Rungpetch

Developing Interdisciplinary Methods for Research to Explain and Enhance Access to Medicines in Africa and South Asia

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Peer-to-Peer Counseling: A Model for Improving Male Involvement in ARV Treatment Access and Adherence among PLWHA in Kwara State, Nigeria

Umoh, Mary Emem; Adegoke, Motunrayo; Dagunduro, Tolu; Nwuba, Chioma; Faromoju, Sam

Glycemic and Non-glycemic Control in Diabetic Outpatients Receiving Oral Antidiabetic Drugs at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Vaishnav, R; Al Metwali, Israa Nather Ahmed; Woodhouse, Nicholas

The assessment of relation between inappropriate medication and health status among elderly discharged from hospitals affliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences,through Beers Criteria

vali, leila; Pourreza, Abolghasem; Ahmadi, Batoul; Rahimi Foroushani, Abbas

Engaging Private Sector Drug Dispensers to Improve Antimicrobial Use in the Community: Experience from the Tanzania Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets

Valimba, Richard; Liana, Jafary; Joshi, Mohan P.; Gabra, Michael; Rutta, Edmund; Bundala, Maganga; Kibassa, Brycesson

Electronic Monitoring to Assess Adherence and Validate Alternative Adherence Measures in Tuberculosis Patients on Community-Based Directly Observed Treatment

van den Boogaard, Jossy; Lyimo, Ramsey; Martin, Boeree; Kibiki, Gibson; Aarnoutse, Rob

Managing a continuum-of-care with Revolving Drug Fund for People with Diabetes (DM) and Hypertension (HBP) through a Peer Educator Network in rural Cambodia

VANPELT, Maurits; MAO, Ngeav

Impact of Comprehensive Efforts on the Performance of a Pharmacovigilance System in Oman

Varughese, Shirly Samson; Al Rubaiai, Mohammed Hamdan; Al Maskari, Madiha Juma

Adherence of Prescribers to High Cost Medicines Standard Treatment Guidelines in Rio De Janeiro

Vasconcelos, Daniela Moulin Maciel; Luiza, Vera Lucia; De Seta, Marismary Horsth

Is Pediatric Diarrhea Treated Correctly in African Communities? Evidence from Household Surveys in Five African Countries

Vialle-Valentin, Catherine E.; LeCates, Robert F.; Zhang, Fang; Desta, Abayneh Tamer; Ross-Degnan, Dennis

Policy Making Support by Sharing of Information and Experiences among the PPRI Network

Vogler, Sabine; Habl, Claudia; de Joncheere, Kees; Leopold, Christine; Zimmermann, Nina

Prices of Medicines, Including High-Cost Cancer Medicines, in a Hospital Setting Compared to Outpatient Use

Vogler, Sabine; Habl, Claudia; Leopold, Christine; Mazag, Jan; Zimmermann, Nina

Role of Tendering of Medicines in European Countries

Vogler, Sabine; Habl, Claudia; Leopold, Christine; Zimmermann, Nina

Challenges of Building Effective Pharmacovigilance Systems in Resource Limited Settings: A Case Study of Kampala Region, Uganda

Waako, Paul John; Ndagijje, Byomire Hellen; Tumwikirize, Winnie; Kibuule, Dan; Bbosa, Godfrey; Nakanwagi, Grace

Existing Capacity to Manage Pharmaceuticals and Related Commodities in East Africa: An Assessment with Specific Reference to Antiretroviral Therapy

Waako, Paul John; Odoi-adome, Richard; Obua, Celestino; Owino, Erisa; Tumwikirize, Winnie; Ogwal-okeng, Jasper; Anokbonggo, Willy; Matowe, Lloyd; Aupont, Onesky

Analysis of essential medicine use in primary health care institutions of Beijing

Wang, Yuqin

Building Confidence in Generic Medicines

Weekes, Lynn

What Is Needed to Sustain a National Academic Detailing Workforce?

Weekes, Lynn; Higgins, Gwen

Simplifying Vaccine Delivery with Combination Vaccines—Evidence from a Time-Motion Study in India

Wiedenmayer, Karin Anne; Weiss, Svenja; Mukherjee, Ajoy; Kundu, Ritabrata; Chattopadhyay, Chandon; Tanner, Marcel

Framework proposal to improve access to medicines and routine care for patients living with chronic conditions in low and middle income countries

Wirtz, Veronika J.; Santa Ana-Tellez, Yared; Kaplan, Warren A.; Lopez-Ridaura, Ruy

Ethical Issues Raised by the Inclusion of Gender in the Implementation of Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) Program in Burkina Faso


Access to Pharmaceuticals among Adults with Cardiovascular Diseases: An Impact of the Free Medicine Policy in Beijing, China

Yang, Li; Liu, Jianjiang; Hu, Yonghua; Tang, Xun; Yu, Liping; Xu, Haitao; Liu, Wujun; Wen, Sushen

The Impact of Abuse of Antibiotic Therapies on Inpatient Cost in China

Yang, Li; XIAO, Yong-hong; Nie, Yao

Overview of Drug Tracking System (ITS) in the Pharmacies of Ankara: Preliminary Research


In-Service, Problem-Based, Pharmacotherapy Teaching and Clinical Pharmacology Services Contribute to Improved Medicine Use in Children

Ziganshina, Liliya Eugenevna; Alexandrova, Elvira Grigorievna; Gamirova, Rimma Gabdulbarovna; Yudina, Ekaterina Victorovna; Prokhorova, Irina Vladimirovna; Safina, Asiya...

Medicines Lists as Policy Instruments in Tatarstan and Russian Federation in the 21st Century

Ziganshina, Liliya Eugenevna; Khaziakhmetova, Veronica Nikolaevna; Alexandrova, Elvira Grigorievna; Abakumova, Tatiyana Rudolfovna

Perspectives of Rational Use of Medicines in the EU

Zimmermann, Nina; Habl, Claudia; Schmickl, Bettina; Vogler, Sabine

New Method for Identification and Antibiotic Resistance Screening of Bacteria

Zorzet, Anna; Göransson, Jenny; Gullberg, Erik; Ke, Rongqin; Nilsson, Mats; Andersson, Dan

The Dilemma of Price Regulation and Pharmaceutical Centralized Bidding in China

Zuo, Genyong; Sun, Qiang

Steady Persistence While Chasing the Elusive: When Guidelines and Policies for Antimicrobial Use Clash with the 800-Pound Gorilla

Yonga, Gerald; Shah, Sital; Konduri, Niranjan

Satellite: Pharmaceutical System Strengthening: Is There a Need for a New Paradigm?
Location: Jasper Auditorium

Oral Presentation

Mamtaz, Akatari

Pharmaceutical System Stregthening: Is There a Need for a New Paradigm?

Ofori-Adjei, David

Pharmaceutical System Stregthening: Is There a Need for a New Paradigm?

Seiter, Andreas

Pharmaceutical System Stregthening: Is There a Need for a New Paradigm?

Laing, Richard Ogilvie

Pharmaceutical System Stregthening: Is There a Need for a New Paradigm?

Keene, Douglas L.

Welcome Addresses
Location: Jasper Auditorium
Moderator: Mehtap Tatar, Hacettepe University, Turkey

Welcome Address - International Organizing Committee

Chalker, John

Welcome Address - Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey

Akdağ, Recep

Welcome Address - General Manager of General Health Insurance, Turkey

Karaşen, Rıza Murat

Welcome Address (by video) - Regional Director of EURO, World Health Organization

Jakab, Zsuzsanna

Welcome Message from the Regional Director, EMRO, World Health Organization

Gezairy, Hussein Abdel-Razzak Al; Bin Shahna, Mohamed

Welcome Address - Minister of Health, Sultanate of Oman

Al Saidi, H.E. Dr Ahmed bin Mohamed bin Obaid

Welcome Address- International Scientific Program Committee

Wagner, Anita Katharina

Opening: Keynote Addresses
Location: Jasper Auditorium
Moderator: David Ofori-Adjei, Ghana College of Physicians & Surgeons, Ghana

From ICIUM2004 to ICIUM2011 - Challenges and Opportunities for Medicines Access and Use

Wibulpolprasert, Suwit

Public Policies to Improve Drug Access for Chronic Diseases; the Experience of Mexico

Perez-Cuevas, Ricardo

Healthcare Reforms and Pharmaceuticals: Lessons from Turkey

Tatar, Mehtap

Tea/coffee break
Effects of Turkish Health Reform on Pharmaceutical Policies
Location: Jasper Auditorium
Moderator: AKIF AKBULAT, General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy, Ministry of Health of Turkey, Turkey
Rapporteur: Guvenc Kockaya, General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy, Turkey

To Be Announced

Kiliçaslan, Hüseyin

To Be Announced

Ozbek, Hanefi

Rational Medicines Use Issues in Turkey - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Location: Jasper Auditorium
Moderator: Hanefi Ozbek, saglik Bakanligi, Turkey
Rapporteur: Kubilay Oransay, Turkish Ministry of Health General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy, Turkey

Rational Medicies Use Issues in Turkey- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yariş, Ersin

Rational Medicies Use Issues in Turkey- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Kızılay, Harun

Rational Medicies Use Issues in Turkey- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Dedeoglu, Burcak Deniz

Evening: Opening Reception
Location: Safir Hall (in the Hotel)